ASG Joint Compound
Specially formulated for quality finishing of drywall joints. A ready-mixed/Non Asbestos vinyl compound used for embedding Joint Fibre Tape, for filling and for final touch-up coats in interior gypsum panel applications. It is ideal material for covering embedded fasteners, corner beads, and for skim coating gypsum panel surfaces where necessary.

Can only be apply on to dry surfaces. Apply thoroughly and allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat. Keep air to minimum, joint compound surface temperature of 23-30 c within working area until joints are completely dry.
Direction of Use
Fill the joints with compound using 6" wide blade knife. Embed the tape and press in with knife. Remove excess compound. Then apply evenly a thin coat over the tape.For best result, spread smooth with long, parallel strokes. Also, apply compound to cover embedded fasteners.
Apply second coat, smoothing out 2" beyond first coat and allow to dry (use 8" blade knife of joints)
Apply final thin finish coat and let dry. (Use 10" blade knife for joints)
Sanding is not allowed. If requires, use very fine sandpaper of grit 160.
All tools to be washed with clean water and wipe dry before storing.

Packaging & Setting Time Storage
28kg/per Drum, 20kg/per Drum
20kg/per Box; 5kg/per Drum
Store Joint Compound at room temperature in a cool dry location
  Keep away from direct exposure to sunlight.
Setting Time 2 Hours
(Adjustable with custumer required)
Protect from Freezing. Re-seal the container after use.

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